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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hone Your Creative Energy, Chill Out, And Focus On Your Future

August 14th 2018

Hone your creative energy. Be slow and thoughtful. Your discipline will payoff soon and you will be comfortable in the payout of your hard work.

Past: III The Empress

Where have you been getting your creative energy?
You've been trying to create something. You've been focused on taking care of your physical needs with good food and personal comfort. The Empress is a fertile, sensual, creative mothering energy that you've been trying to cultivate in yourself or find in a mentor.

Present: XVIII The Moon

What are you hiding?

There is something in darkness or maybe someone is being misled by a sort of illusion. Pay attention to your intuition and dreams. What are your deepest feelings right now? Is someone else hiding something from you? Take your time before you make decisions. Internalize how you feel about your next steps and focus more on understanding the truth before proceeding, because things are starting to change.

Future: 9 of Pentacles

Are you setting yourself up for a comfortable future?
Quiet your animal instincts and let your discipline guide you to a place where you can relax and enjoy the payoff for all your hard work. You're on the right track, but don't get distracted. Have confidence and you'll be seen as a person who has it all together.